Executive Function
In broad terms, "executive function" skills are the skills we use to self manage. When we talk about executive function and your child, we're asking, can your child focus attention? Plan out the steps for big or small projects? Tackle multiple tasks with relative ease? Successfully regulate emotions, even under duress? Honestly reflect on the cause and effect nature of outcomes? 

To be certain, many students struggle to consistently and successfully demonstrate executive function skills (EFS) . One contributing factor is age. The part of the brain that houses EFS doesn't reach peak maturity until late teens/early twenties. Add in increasingly rigorous schedules that have many students juggling ongoing projects, tests, and homework and it's no wonder why students struggle to self manage and report higher stress levels than adults. (The kicker being that developed EFS can help reduce your child's stress.)  Another factor might be a neurological identification—ADHD, ASD, OCD, PTSD, or anxiety—that can compromise one's ability to maintain focus and regulate emotions, and further compromise EFS.  

At Endeavor Lab, we pair traditional subject tutoring with EFS coaching. This enables students to receive critical help in challenging subject matters while also strengthening their EFS. For example, a student struggling to write an English essay would receive practical coaching in literary analysis and the mechanics of writing while also receiving help in organization and planning, Often necessary is additional instruction in how to recognize and overcome procrastination. With all of these components in place, the student is empowered to move from anxiety to action. Over time, students show improvement in both the subject matter and EFS.  

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