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The Writer's Lounge at the Endeavor Lab: An Online Writing Community for Teens 
Category: Executive Function and Writing
Instructor: Carmen Rodrigues , Lead Educator
Days & Time:  Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. EST, September through June, with breaks over school holidays
Cost: $25/hour (1 hour minimum)
Maximum group size: 4 students per hour. Reservations required. 

Sitting down to write long (or even short) academic papers can be a daunting task for many students. There are numerous steps to complete:

  1. Quiet down the mind to evaluate and understand the task.
  2. Decide and determine the scope of the argument.
  3. Complete research, often from multiple sources.
  4. Organize ideas into first, second, and final drafts.

What a good deal of work! Add in a executive function challenges and you have an even greater task at hand. To help support students, we've created The Writer’s Lounge at the Endeavor Lab. This is a place for students to show up in a secure online room and receive the assistance and community they need to, over the course of one to several sessions, complete the tasks at hand.

In this space, students will work independently alongside others. The instructor will circle the lounge, dropping in on a shared Google doc to offer students encouraging and constructive feedback as they write. This feedback will address grammar, content, and visual organization of the paper. If students have questions, they can DM the instructor or ask to pop into a private chat room where they can verbally work through the challenge. If the challenge is significant, the instructor will suggest a private one-to-one session to be scheduled as soon as possible. The instructor will then redirect the student to another part of the project that can be accomplished in the remaining time. 

  1. Writing space that helps students increase accountability and focus through direct instructor involvement.
  2. Feedback that will improve the student’s ability as a writer; thus, resulting in a stronger final essay.
  3. Access to the lounge materials, including handouts on writing and project tracking mechanisms.
  4. Affordable option for students who need short bursts of individual instruction to push through complicated writing  

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Upcoming Workshops 
Procrastination 101 for Teens: How to Push Forward via Compassion in Action  
Category: Executive Function and Expressive Writing
Instructor: Carmen Rodrigues , Lead Educator
Day & Time:  Mondays, 7-8 p.m., March 25 to April 15, 2019
Number of sessions: 4

Often tough projects and homework assignments can bring out a student's inner critic. The more a teen struggles to achieve, the more that teen develops a belief that the struggle is proof of an inherent inability to master a topic. Your teen may even make statements like, "I had to study all night for that science test. That's because I'm just not good at science."  When a teen uses such self-talk, the engagement process becomes mired in self-doubt and criticism. It's no wonder, then, that your teen may choose  more enjoyable, simplistic activities like playing video games or social networking over these objects of discomfort.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Through this course, we will examine the student's patterns of self-criticism to create awareness of the inner critic. We will also learn how to reframe that negative self talk, so that we can recognize the hard-earned successes that arise even in failure. Finally, the class will facilitate self soothing exercises that help reduce periods of heightened stress, allowing the teen to push past procrastination and into action—all through the vehicle of self compassion. 

  1. Reframe challenges to find the successes in hits and misses, allowing for faster forward motion
  2. Strategies to still the “chatty” mind provide increased ability to focus
  3. Breathing exercises to help create calm in the middle of tough projects or assignments
  4. Action plans and tracking mechanisms developed to work with student's individual style 
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